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Ed Kirkpatrick Coaching is where life coaching meets nutrition, health, and lifestyle coaching. Your result is a new body, a healthy body, and an excellent outlook on life... for the rest of your life!

Ed Kirkpatrick Coaching exists to create a success story for you through in-depth assessment, planning, consistent action, and world-class coaching support.  I provide everything you need for your journey.

My favorite clients are people who have been failed by quick-loss diets, only to gain more weight back after short-term success. They may be left feeling angry, sad, or are at the point of just giving up. 

  • My coaching is for people who are ready, willing and able to commit to the coaching process.  
  • It's not for body competitors, or those looking for a quick-weight-loss solution.

We focus your nutrition on real food.  I don't sell or promote weight loss supplements, and I will never ask you to do anything extreme. 

My life's work has been, and always will be, reaching out to make a difference in the lives of others.

I'm a Certified High-Performance Life Coach, master level nutrition coach,  and certified fitness professional. My coaching style is very kind, holistic, engaging, and extremely positive.  

Coaching is much different than dieting.

I partner with you in a very holistic, connected way to break through your barriers.  We create new, life-changing habits which replace your old thoughts and actions that keep you from reaching your goals.

Diets work from the "outside-in" leading to results that don't last.

"Diets" don't give meaningful consideration to the underlying emotions and deeply ingrained habits that sabotage your plans.

We'll work together from the "inside-out." Your results will be amazing!

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I'm looking forward to speaking with you!

Thank you!

Ed Kirkpatrick, NSCA CPT, RCPT; CHCP; ACE HC; PN-2; TPI-3, P-2; FMS-2, MAT-JS; ELDOA-2

   "We are our habits."


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